Multiplier Event – Spain Errenteria


DATE: 21 April 2023
TIME: 11:30 – 14:30

The multiplier event of the Digital Voyage Around Europe project aims primarily to disseminate the results and intellectual outputs of the project to a wider audience and to raise awareness of the importance of digital skills training for the employability of adults across the EU. This event was divided into two parts, the first focused on presenting the intellectual products developed and how they could be used to improve the teaching/learning and digital literacy of adult learners, and the second focused on fostering creativity and problem-solving of the participants.

The event aimed to involve adult educators, adult learners, associations, organisations and anyone interested in improving the employability and digital literacy of adults in the EU.
In the first part and through the presentation of intellectual products, ABARKA Team show how augmented reality technology and IT tools can be used effectively in the training and lifelong learning of adults.

The second part consisted of an activity (competition) that aimet at encouraging problem solving in the participants’ immediate environment. With the aim of motivating participants to be more attentive and proactive with regard to the problems in their environment, a competition was organised in which teams proposed innovative and effective solutions to the social problems they face in the Basque Country in terms of the employability of adults.

The competition took place in different stages, in which the teams presented their projects to a jury composed of experts in the educational area. The prizes were €250 for the winning team, €150 for the second team and €100 for the third team. However, the winners will not be able to use the prize for their own benefit, but will have to choose an association to give the prize to and thus contribute to their work and projects.

In addition, each participant of the first 3 groups will receive a certificate of the prize, which will give them recognition and appreciation of their participation in the event. The event aims was for each participant to leave the event with a different mindset and more aware of the challenges facing today’s society in terms of employability of adults. Participants learnt to be more empathetic, caring and committed to their environment, always looking for innovative and effective solutions to the social problems they face.

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Vie 21 Abr 2023

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